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optName e-Dictionary will help you to take a new look at the meanings behind the names of your friends and relatives, as well as your own. The program will enable you to make a conscious and well thought-out choice of a name for the baby you are expecting.

With this program you can find out what language (or language family) a name originates from and what its original meaning and translation are. You will also be able to compute and interpret the "number of the name", which many believe reflects personality profile. Version 3.0 contains more than 3,160 names.

The program has clear interface and does not require installation. This handy e-Dictionary is easy to use and gives you comfortable search and one-click numerological meaning calculation. Male and female names are in separate sections. Entries are in strict alphabetical order. The Software is distributed as freeware now.

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Additional info:
Platform: Windows
License : Freeware, as-is.
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